DS Investor Conference In NY Termed A Success

October 19, 2011 by Dave Haynes

I popped by the Strategy Institute’s Investor Confence on Tuesday afternoon, and almost entirely hung out in the coffee area chatting with people.

The impression I was left with was that this one was quite good and worth the time, effort and money. There was a little grumbling about a few of the speakers, and particularly a panel or two that saw people using mike time to talk about themselves and their companies.

There about 130 attendees, and about 3/4s of those paid – the rest being speakers, media, etc.

One thing I heard a few times was unhappiness about the venue, or more specifically the room. It wasn’t awful, but given the price tag, people expected more than a low-slung banquet room with obstructed views.

I finally had a chance to talk in person with Paul Rawlings, the CEO of UK-based interactive company ScreenReach, and got a really solid grounding in what they do. REALLY impressive and intriguing, though I think the Digital Out Of Home community needs them more than they need Digital OOH.

At the Digital Place-based Advertising Association conference today. I spoke with Ajay Durani of the DPAA, who said there were 430 registered, which is very encouraging.

They have me listed as being with Daily DOOH, which my Friend from Henley on Thames will no doubt find very amusing.

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