DPAA beefs up board with three new members

October 3, 2011 by Dave Haynes

The Digital Place-based Advertising Association has bulked up its board with more than a bit of a who’s-who of the Digital OOH advertising space.

The board now has 10 members with the addition of: Michael Bush, CEO of NTN Buzztime; Garry McGuire, CEO of Reach Media Group; and Dominick Porco, CEO of Adspace Networks, Inc.

Says the release:

Bush (right) was appointed CEO of NTN Buzztime in April 2010, bringing to the company more than 23 years of executing successful business growth strategies and building sustainable shareholder value. Before joining Buzztime, Bush was president and CEO of 3 Day Blinds, Inc. where he was credited with leading the business through the recent housing crisis and stabilizing its finances. He also served as president and chief executive at Anchor Blue Retail Group, Dockers’ Outlets by MOST and Bally North America, and as COO/EVP at Movado Group, Inc.

McGuire joined Reach Media Group as CEO in July 2009. He is responsible for all aspects of the company’s profitable growth and market expansion strategy. McGuire joined Reach Media Group with more than 15 years of advertising, marketing and general business experience on the client-side as a chief marketing officer and on the agency-side as president of several domestic and international ad agencies. He was chairman of Icon Internet Ventures, which owns and publishes affinity websites that aggregate target audiences, and served as president of Gyro HSR, a leading independent digital marketing agency.

Porco is recognized as one of the most accomplished executives in the out-of-home advertising marketplace. Porco joined Adspace in 2005 with a vision of a new in-mall digital media network focused on bridging the gap between consumer promotion and brand advertising. Implementing his vision, Porco spearheaded a revolutionary new programming strategy for the network that integrated important and relevant shopping information with advertising. Today, the Adspace Digital Mall Network has grown to include 1,800 HD plasma screens in 137 Class A malls in 43 top DMA’s in theU.S.Before joining Adspace, Porco was president of News America Marketing, the $1 billion in-store advertising division of News Corp Ltd.

The three join these guys (emphasis on guys) on the board: Mike DiFranza (chairman), president and founder, Captivate Network; Francois de Gaspe Beaubien, chairman & chief coaching officer, Zoom Media; Jim Harris, CEO, Wall Street Journal Office Network; D. Scott Karnedy, chief sales officer, Premier Retail Networks; Mike Nickerson, VP, advertising, AMI Entertainment; and Charles Richardson, SVP, Care Media Holdings.

The only female perspective comes from DPAA president Sue Danaher.

This is a pretty strong representation of the companies doing the lion’s share of the ad revenue in this sector. The Digital OOH space definitely has an 80:20 (at least) thing happening, with 80% of the ad dollars going to 20% of the companies out there.

I am probably missing one or two, but the only large entities not on this board are Accent Health (waiting room TV) and GSTV (gas pumps), but neither is a DPAA member.


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