Smart AVI, French firm merge; newco targets AV market

May 25, 2011 by Dave Haynes

I know the SmartAVI guys a little bit from InfoComm and pleased to see the company has blended with a French hardware company to form a new firm, called SmartVITY.

SmartAVI is a digital signage hardware and software firm based in the LA-area while VITY Technology makes digital interface technology for things like touchscreens.

Says the release:

SmartVITY offers enhanced interactive solutions for the A/V professional and home automation US market by combining the technology of VITY Technology with the audio/video solutions offered by SmartAVI.

SmartVITY is focused on simplifying the interface between people and technology by providing global, innovative and affordable solutions to resolve the otherwise complicated management of audio/video signal distribution and digital signage technology. SmartVITY technology has applications on a global scale, including many different vertical markets such as education, entertainment, collocation, healthcare, corporate, energy management and many more.



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