CETW and DSE just 2.5 weeks apart in 2012

May 16, 2011 by Dave Haynes

The wrap-up email from CET World at the end of April just dropped in my Inbox, with word that the exhibitors were pleased with the piles of qualified leads who wandered their way through the halls a couple of weeks ago. The show’s organizers don’t do the numbers thing with bodies, booths and square feet because they’d lose on those ones, and they also make the argument that the numbers of buyers walking the aisles matters far more.

What caught my eye was a little note at the end, about the 2012 show that will be back in SF Bay again. Dates: March 28-29, 2012

So it has moved back a whole month.

Well, guess what’s a week later in 2012? Digital Signage Expo. Dates: March 6-9, 2012.

So, that’s 2.5 weeks now between shows that, at roughly two months, I’ve heard people say were already too close together.

Hmmmmm ….

And GlobalShop is now the week before DSE, also in Lost Wages.

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