Digital signage tech jobs open up in Waterloo, Montreal

May 13, 2011 by Dave Haynes

Cineplex Digital Solutions (known until acquisition last year as DDC) is looking for an Operations Manager to work out of the company’s offices in Waterloo, Ontario – down the road from where BlackBerries and Christie displays are conceived.

The job reports to president Stuart Kirkpatrick, but if you can get past that, it’s a gig with a great company (and actually, Stuart is a terrific and a buncha fun).

MISSION STATEMENT (hoo boy these guys are now part of a BIG company):

The goal of this position is to manage the CDS Operations department including new Projects execution and Service/Support and related activities. These activities are both within the traditional CDS portion of the business and the Cineplex Media office tower network. You will be required to interact with Cineplex Call and Monitoring Centre (CMC), Business Development, Creative and Solutions teams to ensure seamless planning, implementing and ongoing operation of all Digital Signage projects.

This is the actual job post.

Meanwhile, I had a somewhat less formal note from Pierre Gendron, who is looking for a director of technology for one of his companies, Groupe Viva. That company does a pile of in-store digital media in Quebec and beyond. The offices are in suburban Montreal.

This is the firm’s careers page. It’s in French and my strong guess, having had these guys as clients in a past software sales life, is that’s the language around the office.


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