London Stock Exchange sparks up world's biggest MicroTiles install to date

May 11, 2011 by Dave Haynes


Nice deal if you can work it … 508 MicroTiles at the London Stock Exchange.

At $3,000 or so (I’m not sure what the actual street price is, but this is an educated guess) that’s $1.5 million worth of display tiles in one building – the largest install to date for Christie’s unique units.

The tiles were sparked up Tuesday at  the London Stock Exchange building in Paternoster Square. The Atrium area where the Tiles are installed is used to hype new companies who join the LSE.

At the LSE, people coming in are welcomed by columns of MicroTiles in a 1 x 5 configuration. Then as they enter the Atrium, their view is directed to either side by two strips of MicroTiles, each consisting of 29 and 31 MicroTiles respectively, and on to a video wall that uses 132 MicroTiles in an 11 x 12 array.

The video wall, in unison with the other MicroTiles arrays, streams a variety of content throughout the day including live news and market updates from CNBC.

The displays are managed by six Christie Spyder X20 processors, and the software platforms include Scala’s Infochannel. There’s a Crestron Controller managing lighting, audio, and live camera feeds. It orchestrates an automated opening and closing ceremony of the market.

There’s another MicroTiles video wall (8 x 6 array) on the balcony overlooking the Atrium and on the ground level, there is a mosaic of 46 MicroTiles of different depths and heights.

Outside of the Atrium, visitors are kept updated with another set of four columns of MicroTiles (2 x 4 array).

Pretty slick.

(Disclosure: I write here and there for Christie)

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