Last reminder: Toronto digital signage mixer tonight

May 10, 2011 by Dave Haynes


A final reminder to people in the Toronto area that tonight is the digital signage and digital out of home mixer.

The event host this time around is Rise Vision, and its president Byron Darlison.

We now have roughly 55 people registered, a big, healthy crowd, and we expect more to just show up. As stated in the past, I would really like to get a grip on the final numbers so we know about some food and I can print up name tags to insert in the fancy sleeves that Chief kindly shipped to me.

So, if you are coming, do me a favor and register here:

The mixer will again be at Shoeless Joe’s in downtown Toronto. The address is 276 King Street West, at the intersection of King and Duncan. Things start at 6, and people are usually hanging out past 9.

It is totally informally and we keep the music in the area down so people can actually hear what each other is saying. There’s a good mix of people from the sector, including several agency folks that Kelley McGillivray from PeopleCount has encouraged to come.

If you are involved in the sector, or want to be, this is a good event. And the price is right: free.


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