Digital OOH's top networks driving half-billion ad exposures a month

April 15, 2011 by Dave Haynes

Nielsen has released its latest Fourth Screen Network Audience Report, which reports every quarter on audience exposures by Digital OOH networks.

The latest numbers for Q4 2010, released Thursday, says the “average minute audience” for adults 18+ across 12 participating  networks was up nearly 250%, compared to the eight networks that were compared in Q4 2009. That Q4 2010 number translates to more than 500 million gross minute exposures per month.

“Quality audience metrics are the foundation of every media investment. Over the past two years the digital place based industry has transformed itself through the use of trusted measurement,” said Mike DiFranza, President of Captivate and Chairman of the Digital Place-based Advertising Association (DPAA). “These audience metrics along with consumer-oriented syndicated research provide the key elements for digital place-based networks to be planned alongside traditional media in industry leading planning tools and have directly resulted in substantial growth rates for 2010.”

One example of a network experiencing growth is Zoom Media & Marketing, which reported an increase in their digital revenues from 42% to 139% following Nielsen’s measurement, (which is) based on the DPAA Guidelines.

Nielsen is also reporting an overall rise in visits across networks that have participated both years. For instance, visits increased 59% for RMG Fitness and 31% for The Hotel Networks.

The numbers suggest a couple of interesting things:

1 – Best Buy, CNN Airport and then Zoom Fitness (ClubCom) get the most foot traffic;

2 – TouchTunes, which has 40,000-plus digital jukeboxes in bars, is by a huge margin the network with the most overall ad exposures, owing to dwell time.

From Nielsen …




Best Buy



Exposures per visit


Total Exposures


Airports CNN Airport Network 17,788,966 1.3 22,660,178
Health Clubs Zoom Fitness 16,699,365 1.8 30,342,746
Gas Stations Outcast/PumpTop 16,601,527 1 16,601,526
Bars & Restaurants TouchTunes 14,980,016 15.2 228,104,737
Restaurants indoorDIRECT 13,005,969 1 13,005,969
Hotels The Hotel Networks 10,415,475 2.8 29,104,737
Bars & Restaurants TargetCast 10,157,147 5.1 51,591,435
Health Clubs RMG Fitness 10,036,663 1.5 15,205,544
Health Clubs Outcast: 5,357,425 2.7 14,206,215
Stadiums Access 360-AMNTV 3,747,805 11.3 9,393,868
Bars & Restaurants AMI 1,808,600 5.2 42,325,398
TOTAL 149,868,586 501,811,981



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