German study suggest 3D advertising more effective

April 14, 2011 by Dave Haynes

The German firm SKOPOS Institute, which does market and communication research, has issued with its client effectiveness results of auto-stereoscopic 3D ads.

The October 2010 study for Tridelity AG , which markets glasses-free 3D display technology, involved 312 people divided into two equal groups, all of them shown an ad spot done in either 3D or 2D.

The differences between the test groups were clear: the 3D viewers found the commercial to be modern, original and unique. After the test, 82% of the 3D viewers were convinced of the product. In the 2D group, only 64% were convinced. After the 3D broadcast, viewers also felt more of a desire to try the advertised product; in other words, the purchase probability was significantly greater.

In addition, in both test groups, 43% said they would also like to watch 3D at home. These test results show that there is generally a strong willingness to view 3D content, which can thus be exploited very advantageously for the advertising industry.

Interesting. I have seen glasses-free 3D a few times and not got all that tingly about it. My guess is other researchers would have a ton of questiuons about how it was done and what was shown, to test the validity. The quality of the content will have a huge impact, and MUCH of what I have seen demo’d on glasses free screens was, umm, uninspiring.

But having some genuine research starts to build the story that maybe there is something there, and takes it beyond the pitch I have mostly heard, which rarely goes much beyond, “Isn’t this awesome???”


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