DOOH4Relief Update: New spot for non-SMS sites

April 2, 2011 by Dave Haynes

Donate to help Japanese relief efforts - 2011Chuck Gose from MediaTile kindly put the word out about the DOOH4Relief effort to some of the company’s corporate communications clients, and we know pharma giant is running a spot on screens at its corporate headquarters.

But Gose also mentioned some companies will not be able to run the spots because so many of their employees are walking around with company mobile phones, and they can’t do text to donate on their accounts.

So, we put the word out for a Red Cross spot that has a Donate Online call to action instead, and rVue has already produced a variation on its campaign spot.

Many thanks.

ZipCast has also now provided a spot for the US market, and earlier in the week we added spots for Spain.

The need remains and we’d encourage companies to keep the spots up, but we’re also now in information gathering mode.

Stan Weil on the Digital Place-based Advertising Association has sent a note around to its memnbership looking for numbers on the campaign impact.

“Now we want to demonstrate the combined strength of our industry by presenting metrics of our campaigns. Please provide me with the following information:

Some networks have already provided me with this information, so thank you. If I can get this information from all the participating networks, the story will be a very worthwhile one to tell.”

Agreed. We’d like to know what CODACAN in Canada has delivered, as well as what non-member networks have done. It gives us a sense of impact and puts us in a position to do this again when the next calamity (unfortunately) strikes.

The easiest way is to just let me know at dave.haynes AT (little @ thingie dropped to dodge spambots … I hope). I also have the names and contacts of a pile of companies that have said they are running the spots, but know that’s only a percentage of the actual list.


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