Must Read: ScreenMedia Daily on search engine marketing

I would normally just flag this on Twitter, but that’s only reaching a percentage of people who should read this excellent post by Lionel Tepper of ScreenMedia Daily about digital signage and search engine marketing.

It’s a really strong, detailed piece looking at how companies in this sector market themselves online, and how the term digital signage may be the most common term used (by a considerable margin) but it’s not necessarily the right one.

He sums it up this way:

Given all of these issues—declining search volume, lack of differentiation, and rising pay-per-click costs—are you fishing in the wrong pond? Perhaps you need to consider casting a wider net because “digital signage” is not top-of-mind for your customers and it’s too narrowly focused keyword to be central to your online marketing strategy.

Must read if you make marketing decisions in this space.

6 thoughts on “Must Read: ScreenMedia Daily on search engine marketing”

  1. Thanks Dave!

    There are a lot of misconceptions about online marketing in this space. I hope that this information helps companies make better decisions. I’ve seen too many companies go out of business because they’re marketing based on an assumption.



  2. Dave, thanks for publicising this excellent article. Like many other small software developers we lack the budget necessary to invest in high impact adword campaigns. We find that devoting time to adjustng keywords and monitoring their effect by using Google Analytics appears to yield good results.

    At the same time using other words such as Signs instead of Signage seems logical. Inside the signage industry we are used to the workd signage but many potential users simply look for Signs instead.

  3. Really fascinating reading, and it should cause many in this space to pause for thought. The big message has to be that you can’t buy your way into this market, you need to be specialised, and good at that specialisation. Focussing on the keywords around this will then feed traffic, and customers to your door, but this all takes time (of course!).

  4. Hi Peter,

    Actually, a company can “buy their way to the top” of Google’s index, but companies need to go in with their eyes wide open and understand what they are buying. It’s clear to me that if you’re buying “digital signage” you’re not capturing the market. You might get traffic from the more “informed” buyer, but be missing a wide range of potential customers.

    It’s ironic that online marketing has become so problematic for companies in this space. Google created the market, and sets the rules, but at the same time they have made online keyword marketing less desirable because there are so many issues with it. If the price per-click were about half, then it would not be a big deal.

    Another thing that i did not mention in the article is a “little dirty secret” in the business. As I wrote, competition in the digital signage space has become intense. I have been told by several people (names withheld to protect the sources) that they have often click on their competitor’s Google ads to drive up their competitor’s advertising costs. Sad, but true.

  5. Anybody who expends a moment in their day gleefully driving up click-through costs for competitors should perhaps stop and wonder if they are in the right business.

    Win business on merit, not some feeble, half-witted attempt to cripple competitors.

    The knucklehead count in this sector is still too high.

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