Buffalo jail debuts Captive Ads program

March 29, 2011 by Dave Haynes

The Erie County Holding Centre in Buffalo (aka jail) now has a giant HD monitor running ads for defence lawyers and bail bondsmen.

The ads, reports the Buffalo News, targets people who have been recently arrested.

The Buffalo News cites Anthony N Diina, the head of a company offering digital advertising services to Erie County government, as saying that the key to effective advertising is to reach consumers at the moment they make their purchasing decision.

“What do people want when they are in the Holding Centre?” reasons Anthony Diina, the head of a company offering digital advertising services to the Erie County government. “They want to get out. And they don’t want to get convicted. So they want bail. And an attorney.”

Diina’s Metrodata Services, through “Captive Ads,” will place one screen just outside the Holding Center booking area and another in a lobby used by friends and families waiting to visit inmates.

“This is the ultimate captive audience,” adds Diina.

He has so far sold half the inventory. The jail gets a third of the net proceeds.

I wrote 18 months ago about a Florida jail that has also installed screens aimed at inmates.


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