now live; spread the word and help Japan

March 16, 2011 by Dave Haynes

The website is now live, as is a Twitter account with the same handle. There are three spots available to download and use on DOOH and non-ad based digital signage networks (there’s no reason these ads can’t resonatew with people on corporate or college campuses, for example).

To use, just right-click and save the file, or do whatever you do on a Mac (been awhile).

There are no restrictions other than the simple one of leaving the spots unaltered, or if tweaked, only doing so for formatting. PLEASE do not slap your own logo on the spots to make yourself feel good. It would just be bad form and you would deserve the slapping around that would follow.

There is a little more work to do, notably a need to somehow track usage. The DOOH4Relief team (all volunteers) will develop a form or something that can be used to log which networks use the spots and follow-up with some reports on impressions, etc, so we have some sense of impact. We’d also like to collect names and emails strictly to keep users aware of newly available spots and put a call out for help the NEXT time something disastrous unfortunately happens.

Until then, if you could just email me at dave.haynes at and let me know you are planning to run the spots, we can start to build a simpleton list.

Spots are already available as developed by rVue and Context Media, and several more are in the works from others. Insteo, a creative, marketing and software development firm in LA, did an amazingly fast and polished job in a matter of hours yesterday to build the site and put the rest of the pieces together.

Thanks to everyone involved to date, and to others who are also offering to get involved.


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