Review and next steps: Japan Relief Effort From DOOH Community

March 15, 2011 by Dave Haynes

We had a great 2 PM call, with folks from Insteo, rVue, Context Media, TouchTunes, Cineplex, Canadian Health Media Network and Preset jumping on, as well as content consultant Judie Stillman. There may have been more, but conference calls have their challenges.

Here’s the deal as it stands:

rVue has already produced a nice 30 second spot that works with or without audio, and they are doing a 15 as well.

Context Media has done a 15 second spot, audio or without, but is tweaking a bit more.

Cineplex, TouchTunes and Judie Stillman have offered to also produce material.

Insteo will also produce content, but has also kindly offered to set up a download site for finished files as well as After Effects files and any other media assets. Insteo will also generate some web banners that bloggers and firms can use to point to the site.

The files will be 15s and 30s and will conform where possible to the DP-AA content guidelines for resolution, bitrate and file type.

Once we have the download site established we’ll post that, as well as any finished files. rVue has a file ready so has it up on its its site, but the group agreed it makes the most sense to consolidate the files on one central site instead of sending people here and there. Someone also made the great point that if we develop a unique URL this site can be used again and again when, unfortunately, more natural disasters occur.

If you are a network operator, rVue already has a spot you can use and the others will be added and promoted as they come.

The news doesn’t seem to be getting any better from Japan, so all help is appreciated. The DOOH and digital signage sectors have a LOT of screens, so let’s do some good.

UPDATE – The Canadian Red Cross is now on board, as well.

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