Digital OOH spots for Japan relief effort touted

March 13, 2011 by Dave Haynes

David Weinfeld posted a Twitter message on Saturday about developing an effort to use the Digital OOH networks out there to drive donations to help the people in Japan.

This is a first-world country, but anyone who’s seen the nightmare images that just keep coming from that country will understand the need is still very much there.

I haven’t seen a follow-up on my fellow Preset’er’s blog, but I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest we shouldn’t just leave this to David to pull together. He’s about to get married, like in a matter of days, and then head for a honeymoon. So he’s probably got a couple of other things to attend to in the next few days.

Jump in David, please, but my take is this:

1 – We need to know where to direct the funds. When we put together something for Haiti early last year, the Red Cross seemed a logical choice in the US and elsewhere.

2 – Someone or several someones need to develop creative. I’d suggest 10s and 15s.

3 – We need a distribution mechanism, ie an FTP server.

4 – We need networks to run them.

5 – If there are mobile/social integration components, let’s hear them.

Already, via Twitter, companies like Locamoda and Context Media have offered support. Can you help?

The idea is pretty simple. Produce spots that have a simple call to action to drive donations, and keep then running past the next few days, when the media interest in Japan will start to die down (probably). As relief agencies say endlessly, the problems don’t go away when the cameras stop recording.



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