ScreenReach at Demo 2011, announces 800 screen interactive deal with RMG

March 2, 2011 by Dave Haynes

In the lead-up to DSE and our frantic planing for the Preset Group DSE Mixer we chatted with Paul Rawlings of ScreenReach Interactive, a UK company that does really interesting integration between mobile devices and screens, be they place-based or even in homes.

Rawlings, a great young guy, was very happy to throw some resource time to getting something happening, using his company’s Screach app, on our screens at the venue. But we begged off, as the logistics of ensuring broadband and AV that would do the trick were too dodgy. We didn’t want to waste his time if we were not sure it would come off. Planning  a party three time zones away, at a venue we’d never seen, had its challenges.

Anyway, what Rawlings described was really interesting. Timing didn’t work out to see him in Las Vegas for DSE, as he was planning a big presentation/pitch at Demo 2011, down the arid highway from Vegas in Palm Springs. Demo, for the unfamiliar, is a launchpad conference for startups that puts little companies in front of people with money, influence or both.

Paul did his extended elevator pitch, which was captured in video (below)

The Newcastle United Premier League football tie-in is fantastic. Enabling everyone in a crowd to vote for Man of the Match is very powerful.

I am less enthralled with the picture frame thing and the grab flies with your tongue game-thing, but I seem to be saying more and more that I’m 53. I don’t get it, but I don’t get FarmVille, most of the LBS  stuff and definitely not Jersey Shore.

I’d have a vigorous debate with Paul about his assertion that all screens need to be interactive (nope, no way), but I do agree this technology has a significant role moving forward. His firm already has a deal to do a faces application in 800 coffee locations that have RMG Networks screens, which is a very nice start into the US market.

Keep an eye on these guys. My Preset colleague David Weinfeld, who knows the mobile/DS integration space better than anyone, is a big fan … which speaks volumes.


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