DPAA adds three members

March 1, 2011 by Dave Haynes

If I ever slow down long enough I will transcribe the lengthy chat I had in January (sheesh) with Susan Danaher of the Digital Place-based Advertising Association.


Among the things she ran by me was the organization’s changes to its membership rules that enabled smaller companies to run with the bigger dogs. It was a hard, and BIG number to join, in the past. But the DPAA has adjusted to a system that is tied more to revenue and company scale, which allows some smaller firms to join up.

Like these three, just announced: rVue, Inc., Akoo, and The Wellness Network.

Says the release:

rVue, Inc., is a demand-side DOOH media buying platform.

The Wellness Network owns and operates The Newborn Channel and The Patient Channel, which runs more than 2,500 hospitals in the U.S.

Akoo does food courts in 161 U.S. malls, and is also expanding into college campuses. Wisely sensing plain-old food court TV needs more, Akoo is going heavily on social media integration and the self-enamored 18-24 year old crowd.

It looks like that gets the member number up to just shy of 30. It had dipped down considerably (the recession did not help, I’d imagine) but good to see it coming back. The DOOH business needs a unified voice.

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