DSE2011 – Day One impressions

February 24, 2011 by Dave Haynes

The DSE folks are saying this the biggest yet.

• Most Exhibitors Ever – 195 exhibiting companies
• Largest Net Square Footage in DSE’s History – 60,260sf of exhibit space
• Highest Conference Registration – An increase of 25% in conference registration
• Largest Educational Conference in History – 166 educational opportunities including the Live Installation Tour, 55 Conference seminars, 66 Lunch & Learn Roundtable sessions, 30 on-floor workshops and 14 Content Theater Presentations.

My take. Doesn’t seem as busy as I have seen, but the space is big and the walkways are wide.

The qualified end user question comes up, as in, “Where are the buyers.” I do know there is a big effort to get retailers and education people there.

I don’t go to the conference things because I have no time but I still hear complaints about crappy presenters who pitch instead of educate. It’s a hard thing to police but those people should know better and be banned from getting mike time again.

What I saw. Same old stuff for the most part. The displays are bigger and thinner and crisper. I am amazed how many display guys don’t get the content optimized for display resolutions though.

I always go the back of the place to see the small, new guys. I saw a micro booth for a Taiwanese company that is running signage with an ARM processor (smartphone tech) running Android 2.2. THAT was interesting.

I also liked the video Lego-like micro video cubes of Lumimo. Rez output fascinating for clubs and ambient retail stuff.

Jammed with meetings much of day so I am note sure what all else
I will spot. I haven’t hooked up with many of my clients. Two days is the right length for show floor, but I could use four.

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