The Preset Mixer mob – stats breakdown

February 10, 2011 by Dave Haynes

The last sponsor registrations are being processed as we speak, and I have been looking at the stats package that EventBrite (great tool) spits out on who all is attending the Preset Group DSE Mixer on the 22nd.

It looks like this for the 225 already formally registered (the rest are accounted for … really … we’re sold out … REALLY!).

About 160 from US, 60 from Canada, seven all the way from Brazil and a few others from here and there. Surprisingly, just three from the UK – but they just came off ISE in Amsterdam and have Screen Media Expo in May.

Of that mob, there are 20 or so CEOs, another 20 or so Presidents, four CTOs, about six other C-somethings, like CMO, another 29 VPs and 36 directors. There’s also one DEO, which may or may not be a typo. Will be a good conversation-starter.

In all, there are 114 companies with people coming – from big retailers to major OOH firms, and not surprisingly a pile of vendors. Happily, there are several creative companies. We’re hoping, based on some pending invites, to see some agency people, too.

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