West coast aquarium using more than 200 display panels

February 7, 2011 by Dave Haynes

This is the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which has some 200 screens around its facility.

I like this because of the off to the right, and also the way the screens are built into the overall exhibit feature. The aquarium has been using digital displays since 2003 and has now standardized on NEC panels.

Says a case study passed along by NEC:

To outfit the Seahorse Exhibit, which discusses organisms that are half an inch tall, the aquarium purchased a portrait-oriented 65” MultiSync LCD6520P to magnify a seahorse to 5-feet tall in full high definition. The display is positioned at the exhibit’s entrance to draw in visitors and involve them in the minuscule details that normally would be overlooked. Similarly, the aquarium installed NEC large-screens with a video scope to display plankton at 300-times magnification for easy viewing.

“The magnification of the seahorse from the doorway throughout the exhibit is a real eye opener,” said Cain. “It truly shows the detail and emphasizes the things we want to point out in this type of an exhibit.”

In its Hot Pink Flamingos exhibit, visitors learn about climate change and the effects global warming have on the environment. The end of the exhibit utilizes 22” MultiSync EA221WM monitors to show the best way to be green in the kitchen, from the refrigerator to the dishwasher. Upon exiting, guests can use an EA221WM touch screen to make pledges that better the environment, such as committing to ride a bike more often. The guests photos are taken at the kiosk, and their face is printed on top of an animated biker that certifies his pledge. Before leaving the aquarium, the guest’s photo displays on a tiled video wall (seen above) comprised of five 46” X461UN displays in a 1×5 configuration.

“There’s nothing more exciting than seeing yourself on a 9-foot long video wall and knowing you did something beneficial to the environment to get yourself there,” said Cain. “We take this so seriously that we follow up a few weeks after the guest’s visit to ensure they are honoring the commitment. This teaches responsibility in children and encourages follow-through in adults.”

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