It's not often digital signage screens are too low, but …

January 28, 2011 by Dave Haynes

I whine probably too much about all the network operators who install screens so far above the normal line of sight the whole thing becomes rather pointless.

My interminable cab ride into midtown Manhattan from LaGuardia the other day was the first time I hade even seen a digital OOH screen that was too low.

I framed this shot so you could see where my knee was relative to the screen. Honestly, to read stuff I had to lean over to my left.

Too much content jammed into one screen. Too small fonts. One paid ad, as far as I could tell.

BUT, I liked the utility of the live GPS screen and how the unit, at the end of the long ride, prompted me to swipe my credit card and pay that way, quickly and effectively. Those parts of this taxi TV offer I liked. The rest … not so much.

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