How to sell digital signage into retail in 2011

December 15, 2010 by Dave Haynes

The National Retail Federation’s SmartBrief newsletter has some interesting predictions from its membership about their plans and needs for 2011, with respect to in-store marketing and technology.

NRF members provide some very useful clues for any software, display technology or content services company that goes after the retail sector. It may seem really obvious, but shaping the pitch to sync up with where retailers heads are at makes a world of sense.

What is your strategy for success in 2011?

Me: With the exception of shrink, in-store digital screens all contribute really nicely here.

Which technology will you invest the most in this year?

Me: Mobile and social are where their heads are at, so selling digital screen technology into retail sure as heck better tell the story of how this helps drive mobile and social engagement and complements those efforts. The numbers say digital screen tech won’t win out over mobile or social/online.

What is the No. 1 way you differentiate yourself from competitors?

Technology is not seen as a big deal in duking it out in a retail vertical, and making the service and experience in the store is very, very clearly what matters.

Screens help people navigating the store. De-clutter it, reducing the visual noise. They raise awareness on sales and offers. Provide deeper detail. Offer service and information when staff are tied up. And so on …

Solve their problems. Change what you have to offer from a nice to have to a need to have.

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