Guest Post: What I find awesome in digital signage

November 26, 2010 by guest author, Raji Kalra

I am pretty connected with TED, having organized and run a couple of independent TEDx events in Toronto in the past year or so.

A friend sent a link to another TEDx Talk that went off recently here in Toronto (missed it), and I found the video to be pretty awesome. The talk, by writer Neil Pasricha, was  about the awesome things that we may or may not acknowledge that take place everyday.

You can watch it here:

After watching the video, it got me thinking about what gets me in the car to work everyday, and the things in the digital signage industry that I find awesome.

Here is my short list, reflecting on some of the things about this sector that are awesome to me:

I would encourage others to add to this list of the things that they, too, find “awesome” in this business.

(Raji Kalra is the Managing Director of the Toronto-based in-retail digital company The Marketplace Station.)

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