NanoLumens gets big, curved profile at Vegas gaming expo

November 23, 2010 by Dave Haynes

I’ve said to the NanoLumens guys one of the things I really like about their flexible LED  technology is how it can conform to curved surfaces. They’ve said, “Yup, but we hardly get asked about that.”

Slightly weird, given how many rounded walls and support columns are out there that wouldn’t look very good with most kinds of display tech applied to it.

Here, however, is an example of how it can work – combined with how the Atlanta-based company’s screens can be suspended from ceilings without bringing in structural engineers (a 112″ display weighs something like 90 pounds).

Kyle Porter of NanoLumens sent along a photo shot last week at the  at the Global Gaming Conference trade show in Lost Wages. Bally Technologies, which makes slot machines and had one of the biggest footprints on the show floor, had four NanoLumens 112” displays curved to form a circle as the centerpiece over its booth.

The structure is held up by a single cable, something that not’s going to happen with just about any other display tech (save projection screens) because of the weight load.

Bally ran a wide variety of content including video product promotion, a live feed of Playboy bunnies signing autographs in the booth, an interactive horse race feature for one of their game offerings, and even NBA TV after the show ended.

The booth was built by Trade Show Fabrications and the NanoLumens screens were rented from Tallen Technology Rentals, which has bought the NanoLumens units and will presumably make their money back through supporting trade shows and special events.

The other thing I like about the screens is unlike massive plasma displays, these things go up and down easily and have none of the fragility of a plasma.

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