Rhombus acquired by logistics firm

November 5, 2010 by Dave Haynes

One of the better known names in the deployment side of the digital signage business, Rhombus Services, has been acquired by TMSi Logistics, which describes itself as a leading distribution, technology, and integrated logistics provider.

The release says the deal enables TMSi to enter into the niche industry of digital signage for increased exposure and market share, and it helps Rhombus deliver a higher level of service for its customers.

Rhombus Services has a reputation of providing excellent solutions to the digital signage, kiosk, and retail fixture industries. Through the acquisition by TMSi, Rhombus will now have the internal technology, logistics, and financial strength to increase the scope, efficiency, and quality of the solutions they provide. The acquisition will help enhance services including rapid rollouts of point-of-sale and point-of-purchase technologies, site preparation, on-site field service, preventative maintenance, and transportation/warehousing.

Ron Cain, Chairman and CEO of TMSi Logistics, states, “This acquisition by TMSi has enabled us to gain access to promising new technologies, to achieve synergies in our operations, and to tap well-developed distribution channels. Rhombus shares our dedication to achieving and maintaining a values-driven, performance-based culture that delivers results, and we look forward to the success that the partnership will bring to both companies.”

According to Jeff Metzger, Executive Vice President of Rhombus, “Rhombus has and continues to be a reliable and trustworthy partner to clients across industries. The recent acquisition by TMSi further demonstrates the commitment of both companies to providing the best services for customers, and we anticipate great results from the continuous improvements our new relationship will bring.”

The consolidations are definitely underway. While the deployment business is nowhere near as crowded as the software business, there are still a lot of players. As digital signage starts to really get some marketplace traction (and it is right now), we’ll see more of this, I think.

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