DPAA media summit audience dominated … wait for it … by media people

October 29, 2010 by Dave Haynes

If you have been around this sector long enough, and attended enough events, you know that too often these things involve a lot of vendors and consultants talking to each other.

Too few sellers, not enough buyers is a common source of frustration.

I wondered how the Digital Place-based Advertising Association‘s media summit this week was going to do because there had been very little evidence of promotion directly within the digital signage sector. But some 300 people turned out for the day-long event, and by the looks of the attendee list (slipped to me), the great, great majority of the crowd were directly involved in the sector as media buyers, strategists, researchers and network operators.

The attendee list has maybe a dozen people I’d call vendors – software and panel guys – and then just a smattering of people billed as consultants.

It wasn’t that long ago these sorts of events had to drag in people from agencies to have a listen. Maybe DOOH is finally, really, on the media radar screen. You’d hardly say the work is done and let the good times roll, but that audience size and profile looks pretty encouraging from my perch in the bleachers.

Congratulations to the organizers who managed to pull those numbers.

(NOTE – chart mine, and totally ballpark’d)

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