DPAA's Media Summit kicks off this AM

October 27, 2010 by Dave Haynes

The DPAA’s 2010 Digital Media Summit is on all today in NYC, and we hope the event draws a strong agency/media crowd. It would be a BIG stretch to say the event was well-promoted in the digital signage and DOOH sector, but that’s not the crowd that needs to be at this thing anyway. It needs media people, not vendors.

The event is at the Roosevelt Hotel on Madison Avenue. Here’s the schedule.

9:30 AM Advertisers’ Point of View: Highlights from ANA’s Masters of Marketing Conference

Bob Liodice, President & CEO, Association of National Advertisers (ANA)

10:00 AM Case Study: ROGAINE®

Rich Simpson, Brand Manager, ROGAINE® — Johnson & Johnson

11:00 AM Case Study: Hotels.com

Darus Zahm, VP Account Director, TargetCast TCM

11:35 AM Panel: Research Activation

The amount of research in place-based media has exploded, from audience measurement studies to inclusion in major syndicated databases, this panel explores what’s out there, but more importantly, how agencies can leverage these resources to make it easier to plan and buy the medium.


Jim Spaeth, Founder, Sequent Partners


Paul Lindstrom, Senior VP, Nielsen On Location Media

Jay Mattlin, Senior VP, New Ventures, GfK MRI

Bob Shullman, President, Ipsos Mendelsohn

Diane Williams, Senior Media Analyst, Arbitron

1:00 PM Lunch and Learns (two breakout sessions)

1:00-1:25PM Sponsored by: CARE Media Holdings – Content is King

Presenter: Phillip Cohen, CEO, President

“Content is King” has become a mantra across all media platforms. But what does that really mean? Digital signage and place based media networks grow or fail by their content. In an interactive Q&A session, learn from expert insights what goes in to developing and executing an effective and profitable content strategy, including:

1:00-1:25PM Sponsored by: NEC Display Solutions – Making DOOH Easy

Presenter: Graeme Spicer, General Manager – Digital Media

Digital out-of-home advertising is increasingly becoming an accepted and viable way for advertisers to reach their consumers at various touch points throughout their busy days.

1:45 PM Digital Keynote – Case Study: Yahoo!

Penny Baldwin, Senior VP, Global Integrated Marketing & Brand Management, Yahoo!

2:15 PM Creative Activation: Establishing Standardize Ad Units for Digital Place-based Media

Bob Martin, Chief Marketing Officer, RMG Networks and Chair of DPAA Creative Standards Committee

And Alan Schulman, Chief Creative Officer, UDIG – Digital Innovations Group

2:30 PM Creative Keynote Address

Paul Lavoie, Chairman, TAXI

3:00 PM Case Study: Maker’s Mark

Tim Meyer, Associate Media Director, Starcom

3:30 PM Case Study: U.S. Army

Dean Jayson, Media Supervisor, Universal McCann

4:00 PM Case Study: Miller Genuine Draft 64

Maureen McCloskey, Director Account Services, Kinetic

I don’t see anything suggesting a hash tag for Tweets (probably #DPAA), but I know DailyDOOH is there, and suspect ScreenMedia Daily will, as well, so we should see some coverage through the day. Phil Cohen of Care Media has a page set up promising streamed video, which will be great if that comes together. However, it might just be for his mike time. We’ll see, I suppose.

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