DPAA summit opens, some encouraging signs

October 27, 2010 by Dave Haynes

The DPAA’s media summit is on in NYC and there are some encouraging signals from the event.

First, the novelty of a year ago of tweeting from events is now getting to be the norm. Graeme Spicer of NEC and Stu Armstrong of EnQii are both tweeting, as are others I expect. Use the hash tag #DPAA.

Second, despite seemingly little or no publicity the hall is crowded and almost 300 people had pre-registered.

Third, the DPAA has changed its membership fee structure to one that is revenue-based. The old set-up was way too pricey for most start-up media companies.

Fourth, you know the industry is starting to mature when PRN does an upfront (promotional/pitch event of its programming plans) the night before and has the Barenaked Ladies as the live band. They’re not as big as they once were, but’s still a big, expensive act for a party.

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