Ad Age's marketer of the year, Ford, does great DOOH spots

October 18, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Ford just got cited by Advertising Age as its 2010 Marketer of the Year. It would seem an honor well-deserved as the automaker has worked its way through really lean times without a bailout and by producing vehicles that people wanted to buy for reasons beyond patriotism.

I mention this because of all the automakers, I think Ford does spots that best and often most easily translate to digital out of home.

Ford’s are big, bold and snappy, and instantly recognizable. The 30-second spots look like they’d easily cut to 15s, and they are done in such a way that they tend to work just fine with the audio. Sound makes them better, undoubtedly, but the truck spots like this one work just fine with the volume off.

The lessons here are big fonts, not too much going on, and effective contrast. I’ve no idea if Ford has ever even bought DOOH, but if they did, they had creative pretty much ready-made.

Hat tip to DOMedia for spotting this and tweeting …

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