Global OOH Ad Business Pegged at $24 Billion by 2015

October 6, 2010 by Dave Haynes

The research firm Global Industry Analysts, Inc. of San Jose, California has released a 600-page tome on the global  Outdoor Advertising markets.

“The global market for Outdoor Advertising,” says the release, “is forecast to cross US$23.9 billion by the year 2015. Key factors driving market growth include increasing popularity of digital billboards and video screens, advancements in print technology, and increased demand from developing markets, including Asia-Pacific and Middle East. Moreover, a sharp downfall in the effectiveness of various other modes of advertising media is further bolstering growth in outdoor advertising.”

My first reaction was a smirk, as I wondered how many companies have $4,500 sitting around for what looks like a fairly generalized report. But while the index looks more like a round-up of existing information than it does fresh insights, putting someone inside a company on the job of rounding all this stuff up would cost a lot more than $4,500 in hours.

You can also buy chunks of it for less, like regional reports.

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