Interactive projection/kiosk promos new Nissan Leaf

September 28, 2010 by Dave Haynes

The guys at Spyeglass in Minneapolis sent along a release with pix and video of a project that uses their projection film and interactive touch foil.

Through the reseller, RTT, USA Inc., and a pile of other companies doing different but related stuff, the projection film was part of a roving promo program for Nissan’s new electric car and the Livestrong cancer charity.

The display would be set up for marathons, bicycle races, and other events and exhibitions throughout the country and promote the Nissan Leaf electric car. As part of the booth, they wanted an interactive touch screen to allow the public to engage and learn about the new Nissan Leaf.

According to Ken Heaton, a Producer at RTT USA Inc., “We’d researched the market pretty heavily and we were looking for a screen utilizing the latest in touch technology”. Spyeglass worked with Heaton and RTT, USA to create an engaging solution for presenting their multimedia content. Heaton describes the Spyeglass touch screen as, “An innovative solution that is both exciting and practical”.

If you can get the right lighting conditions and sightlines, and think through the plan, projection is really nice – particularly for temporary events. Longer-term the bulbs are a bit of a problem. I like the viewer engagement piece that seems to suggest people who poke around with the interactive elemenbt can save their favorite images (and I assume other detail) to a USB key.

Case study here

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