The screen-smartphone connection, sans QR codes?

September 27, 2010 by Dave Haynes

This is a French company, Wizup, that has developed technology that operates a little like apps that listen for, recognize and identify music, but more broadly based. The video shows how a smartphone could recognize video or something on a poster and deliver extended information down to the phone.

In theory, this would work well for any place-based screen and the ads or info running on it.

I’m not entirely convinced QR codes aren’t sufficient, as my guess is you need to register in their database or something to be recognized by the app. But  that’s a guess. The website is just a splash page and video.

Warning on video: As with what seems like 99 per cent of other tech videos, there is a techno dance track (not everyone is 20, tech world, please and thanks). Just to really bug you if you 25 is in your rear view mirror, there’s also a really annoying sample of an instant message alert. Congratulations and admiration if you make it through the whole thing.

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