Webinar tomorrow on where CMS platforms are going

September 21, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Digital Signage Magazine and NEC asked me to present on a free webinar tomorrow about content management systems for digital signage.

Mike Zmuda – a nice, sharp and straight-talking guy who handles biz dev for NEC – will give the skinny on VUKUNET, but I had free reins to blabber on about whatever I wanted. I have roughly 20 slides together – big pictures and only one or two words on most – I’ll use to walk through where things seem to be heading in business and technology terms.

I ran it by a smarty-pants who is actually IN the software business, and he confirmed I was making some sense.

The webinar starts at 2 EDT, and you should register at the link provided at the top of this post. Should be good, and I will try to to keep everyone awake.

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