DS Talent Pool: Tom McGowan

September 20, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Tom McGowan and I met on my first day on the job with BroadSign, having been enticed to join the team. He impressed me right away, because he spoke his mind and knew the technical side of the business like few I’d run into through the years.

He’s the subject of my latest Talent Pool entry – a guy who has deep technical acumen and can talk business strategy all the way up to CEOs,  but also work for days and weeks with developers on the intricacies of product planning, without them starting to plot his demise.

From my perspective, he couldn’t possibly be better located as a senior business development/relationships and alliances guy. His house is maybe eight minutes drive from McCarran airport in Las Vegas. That gets him non-stop to most cities in the US and Canada, but more to the point, to ALL those trade shows and different industry sectors that pass through Las Vegas – that are too much work and cost for most companies to send people to. For Tom, they are right there. He can dip in and dip out, Parking’s even free at the LVCC if you know what you’re doing.

Tom describes himself as an industry-recognized Digital Signage and Kiosk subject-matter expert, which is entirely accurate. He has sold and in many case managed the deployment of more than 500 Digital Signage and Kiosk networks throughout North America, and has about 30 years experience putting technology into gaming/entertainment/retail/lodging and QSR industry.

He has been at Starmount Systems as VP Product Management, essentially guiding the development of a pretty unique Java-based digital signage/kiosk application the company has started showing clients and prospects. He then was handling Strategic Alliances for the Austin, TX-based firm.

Prior to that stint, and his time with BroadSign as a Sales Director, he’s been actively involved in a partnership company that has  sales and distribution rights of digital signage systems to leading entertainment and sign companies using Scala , 3M, Gesturetek, Jupiterbay, Samsung, BroadSign, Planar, Visix, and Omnivex, software. There’s very little he doesn’t know about the opportunities and challenges of working with the casino sector, which has an insatiable appetite for digital displays and technology that one-up the other places down the strip.

If you know Tom, you’ll know he’s direct with people – be that clients or colleagues. If you want a cheerleader or a Yes Man, he’s probably not your guy. If you need somebody senior to provide vast experience, perspective and guidance, who understands all the technical and operational elements of the gumbo that is digital signage, he’s ideal.

Another good guy. Family guy, with girls off in college or now working. Picks friends up at McCarran without even being asked.

Contact stuff

e-mail: tom.mcgowan [at] cox.net
Skype: tmcgow1

  1. Tom is a smart guy, a nice guy, a well-connected guy and YES Tom would go out of his way to help anyone (he has even rescued my team on occasion). If they were to make a documentary on the early days of digital signage, Tom would be one of the stars!

    Dave you are SPOT ON as usual with your post!

  2. I cannot think of anyone more balanced in perspective, knowledge and experience in the field of digital signage. Tom is a high ranking asset in the human capital arsenal of this industry.

    He has been a trusted friend and colleague for several years. He is also one of the most polite and gracious individuals you will meet in any field and is a refreshing personality in a field too often manifest with the facades and hubris generated by intense competition.

    If you do not already know Tom he should be at the top of your list to get acquainted with.

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