Digital mall directories just make sense

September 2, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Mall directories going digital just makes sense, as the store listings are always changing and each time that happens stuff needs to get printed and people need to crack the cases open and change them and on and on.

Never mind digital gives shoppers the ability to search by keywords or name instead of scanning long lists, and some companies (like another Toronto company, Jibestream) are doing things like digital couponing and instant emails.

They also have to be well-built to deal with 17 year old boys and shopping carts and other types of ongoing abuse, yet still look nice.

I mention all this because Toronto-based Vertigo Displays – which does custom design-build work on all kinds of infoor and outdoor advertising displays and directories, has worked a partnership with Dorsey Digital Media, also of Toronto, to market and build such directories.

The units have a pair of back to back commercial-grade 70” LCDs (presumably Chilin, a Vertigo investor), as well as media players that can be updated via network, and a pile of engineering to keep the electronics cool and protected.

The first unit is already up and running in a mall in Toronto.

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