Missed marketing opportunity?

August 17, 2010 by Dave Haynes

The Canadian burger chain A&W is testing some new concept stores aimed at urban 25-40 year olds in major cities – featured around self-serve ordering stations.

The first one, reports Marketing, is now open in Vancouver.

Knowing what’s coming in from tests on digital menu boards in QSRs, as in crazy-good sales lifts, all that empty, minimalist white space above those kiosk touchscreens looks a little wasted. The units have the room for a nice portrait  mode screen to drive promotions as well as usage of these kiosk stations. The screens are also close enough together that you could do creative that works the three of them.

They’d cost more, yes, in capital and content development, but there’s more than enough evidence out there to suggest an ROI model could be pretty easily built to make that screen worth the extra money.

Pic from Marketing mag

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