Who's hiring? Context Media, for one

August 3, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Rishi Shah, the bright young guy who founded and runs Chicago-based ContextMedia, sent a note around looking for some help in getting the word out that his firm is hiring.

ContextMedia is preparing to launch a major growth campaign to acquire new physician offices and I’d like to ask for your help as we recruit sales and marketing talent.

The company has several postings up, the latest for a member outreach role (inside phone sales to physician practices) and a marketing manager.

If you are Chicago-based and one of these gigs sounds good, Context is a good company to take a look at. While most DOOH networks scrap away month to month to make ad sales targets, Context cruises along with eye-popping CPMs and filled inventories because of the business model. The focus is squarely on diabetes clinics and the major drug companies all want to be on the screens.

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