Nice many-many tiled display in Austrian club

July 28, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Montreal-based Matrox has put out a case study about an impressive install at a club in Linz, Austria. In a nutshell, 40 big flat panels are tiled together and running around the perimeter of the venue. The system runs off three Mac Pros and drives 15 Matrox triple-head video thingdoodles. If I am reading the study right, the video can be changed on the fly to match the music style.

The total panoramic resolution of the displays is very w-i-d-e 33,600 x 480, which must be really interesting to develop on a a single desktop screen.

A local creative firm does all the ambient video content.

Nerds can read the case study here.

Video with standard, annoying (I’m 52) techno music background track below …

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