Calling A Digital Signage Mixer Audible

June 8, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Ok, game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals is on Wednesday night at 5 local in Lost Wages, where I have set up the western HQ of Sixteen:Nine.

I have had several people asking where the digital signage mixer was, and my brilliant answer has so far been, “I dunno…”

Well, it is a pretty good hockey final, so my audible at the line is that people catch up after Day One of the exhibit hall at InfoComm and go find a set of large TVs and, ummm, a beer or two. My idea – the Gordon  Biersch on Paradise Road, which is walking distance for real men and cheap Canadians from the LVCC.

Game starts at 5, but 6 is probably more realistic for people showing up given the exhibit hall is open open until 5.

Zip me a note at dave at if you are in. I have not booked space, but big whoop. Bars don’t complain about extra people coming in. Good chance to meet a few industry types and cool off.

3987 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, NV 89169
phone: 702-312-5247

Actually, Tom McGowan from Starmount turned me on to this place. He’s a local.

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