InfoComm lookahead: Prysm

June 3, 2010 by Dave Haynes

I am in Las Vegas in the middle of some really good meetings, and getting set for next week, when I will be at the Strategy Institute conference and InfoComm next week.

One of the technologies I am looking forward to seeing for the first time next week is the laser phosphor displays by evidently well-funded start-up Prysm.

Andrew Neale from DailyDOOH has written a looong but really thorough piece looking at the new technology and in particular at its claim about energy efficiency. It is a very different line of marketing attack from what display guys usually talk about, and Neale looks in considerable depth at the whats and whys.

Prysm competes with Christie and its Microtiles, and Adrian and his DailyDOOH guys do some advisory work for Christie. However, this is a fair, detached look at the bigger picture (pardon the pun). Worth a read if your schtick is large format displays and video walls.

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