Adcentricity's creative guide required digital signage reading

May 20, 2010 by Dave Haynes

I downloaded Adcentricity’s new creative guide almost a week ago, but I only had a chance this morning to poke my way around it.

To the credit of co-founder Jeff Atley, who pulled the thing together, this is not a guide that says “Add two cups of Adcentricity” and you are good to go. These guys pulled all the material and interviews together, but the guide is about, by and for the creative community and DOOH network operators.

They interviewed a lot of people directly or peripherally involved in the sector, and got a lot of solid opinions and ideas from serious people. The guide also goes pretty deep into some of the fundamentals, though not to the level of science and detail of the fabulous work Bill Gerba has done over the last two-three years on his blog.

This guide takes a broader perspective and talks about the need to produce the creative in the context of what’s happening in the environment where the screens are located, and what’s in the heads, at that time, of the people they want looking.

If you are in this sector producing creative or ordering it up, you should download and read this guide. And if you are just in this sector, even if you are doing work that that never gets you near After-Effects or talking h.264, you should still read through it so you have a foundation of knowledge on what this is all about.

It’s great to see a company that has no direct interest in creative work (Adcentricity sells network audiences to planners)  putting this together for the simple reason that better content means better networks, and that helps them and everyone else.

Well done.

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