Deadline starting to count down on BlueMaxx digital signage-meets-mobile award

April 27, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Companies that are pushing the envelope by using integrated media – like mobile – are being encouraged to tell their story and enter to win the first BlueMaxx Award, a new recognition program developed and sponsored by Stratacache.

As disclosure, I was asked a couple of months back to be one of the judges on this thing , which I assume means I get a long robe and a funny wig. At least I’d hope so …

Anyway, entries close at the end of May and the winning entry or entries will be recognized during InfoComm, which is coming on soon in Las Vegas. Seems like I just left there, but very likely heading back again.

Paula Polei of Stratacache told me they have seen a lot of questions come in, but expect entries will start arriving later in May as the deadline approaches. Some of the details – like whether you win a stack of gold bars or a signed 8 by 10 of Chris Riegel – are still getting sorted.

What is already clear is the criteria:

  1. Interactivity must directly relate to a digital signage application or media interface and leverage short-range or other forms of communication for interaction with mobile handsets.
  2. A deserving candidate is an organization with a digital signage project and mobile handset application that is positively affecting the customer experience, sales, human resources, training and development, and/or providing a service to consumers, constituents, etc.
  3. A deserving candidate may also be using the technology to measure the effectiveness of the interaction with the consumer/end user.

A good example would be the InWindow Outdoor thing that I wrote about recently. Promoting the Blu-Ray release of Avatar, the street level promotion let people have their picture taken and morphed into a Na’vi avatar face, like those in the flick. The morphed image results could then be sent to your handset.

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