Monster Media sets up sales office in Canada

March 1, 2010 by Dave Haynes

The companies that have been dabbling in the projection DOOH media space in Canada now have a pretty substantial competitor in their midst. Orlando, Florida-based Monster Media has hired a guy and established an office in Toronto, with a release this afternoon describing what they do as “full body responsive out-of-home advertising.”

John Payne, president of Monster Media, says based on their success throughout the U.S., this is a natural step to expand into the vibrant and thriving market of Canada, which will allow them to place their innovative network of products in new venues.

The Canadian office will be managed by David Leetham, vice president of sales. Ontario-based Leetham has a diverse entrepreneurial background and co-founded both Intouch Media Group Inc. in 2005 and Partners Graphic in 1991. Leetham is a graduate of Ryerson University, Toronto with a degree in marketing and management.

This latest expansion is in addition to Monster Media’s current offices in: USA, London, Spain, Denmark and South Africa.

Leetham has been around the space for a while and has been selling alternative display tech like FogScreens and gesture stuff for a few years. Monster says he is an FTE so that would mean Intouch is mothballed.

As noted in the past by me, the combo of projection technology, interactive and big printed vinyl is powerful when done right, and Monster – like InWindow – does nice work. It was only a matter of time until one of them came up here, so the companies fiddling around in the space better get serious. Monster may just have one guy up here, but they have a deep portfolio of reference jobs.

I think I have met Leetham at a mixer …even think I have his card somewhere. Anyway, Monster, welcome to the land (if you believe what see in Olympics ceremonies) the hockey-obsessed land of show-tune singing Mounties, giant inflatable beavers and dancing, spinning native indians on every corner.

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