Four years of this nonsense

January 30, 2010 by Dave Haynes


Something I read reminded me that this blog was coming on four years. According to my old WordPress and my current Joomla admin thingdoodles, I have done 1,600 or so posts to date, or about one a day, including weekends and holidays.

I don’t really take advertising, except for the odd favor for friends or to drive my own businesses, so the sum total of my ad revenues via Google AdSense has been something like $118. If I do the math right — big IF — I think that works out to something like seven cents a post. A post takes me about 20 minutes on average, sometimes a lot longer, so I think that means I am doing about 21 cents an hour on this thing. 

Clearly, I’m a brilliant businesman.

I’ve had a number of people asking about advertising on the site and maybe I will do it, maybe I won’t. I have to weigh money against the optics and whatever obligations I may feel to then write about the advertiser or be nice. I do press releases for piles of people via pressDOOH and most never get on here because this isn’t meant to be a news site. To the credit of all those clients, none have suggested they figured that was part of the deal.

ONE of these days I will cut over to WordPress and wave Joomla a not terribly fond farewell. Spare time is an issue, for me and my gracious hosts at ITES, who are also stinkin’ busy. 

I also haven’t done it yet because I am sorting out in my head what to do with Sixteen:Nine. There are some really interesting Web applications emerging, and I would love to see how these could apply and make this corner of the DS world a lot more of a two-way thing, and also better use real time streams of information.

So … thinking about that. All ideas welcomed.

Thanks to all those who’ve sent me notes or stopped me at a trade show and passed on kind words. I’m particularly gratified when I take companies to task for something and they get that it’s not personal. There’s been the odd time when I’ve met people and thought, “Ok, is he going to crush my typing fingers when we shake hands???” But people have been overwhelming cool and professional.

I have been writing in serious spurts lately, dropping off for a week, and then doing 12 posts in three days. Depends on if I am traveling. Depends on how crazy-busy I am (been seven days a week all month, but that’s a good thing). And more than anything else, it depends on whether anything interesting is shaking.

Thanks for reading. There is waaaaaaaay more stuff out there now from business news sites and smart bloggers who aren’t just peddling company wares. It was pretty much me and Gerba back in the Jurassic era of digital signage. I still think there’s a need for looking ahead and around the corners, getting beyond the obvious, poking holes, and pointing out the great and the goofy.

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