Next Toronto Digital Signage Mixer set for Feb. 9th

January 29, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Dmitry at Ingram has pulled the pieces together as he always does and booked our spot and found a sponsor for the February edition of the Toronto Digital Signage Mixer event. on Feb. 9th.
Chief Mounts has stepped up as sponsors and they will have some of their gear around to look over and use later when we, as is tradition, spill into the streets to overturn police cars and smash windows.
And now a word from the sponsor:
With over 30 years of proven product and service excellence, hundreds of product awards and patented designs, CHIEF is globally recognized as an AV industry leader. Chief designs state-of-the-art mount and rack solutions that complement the technology they support.
Sponsors buy, so they get to a little spotlight for their noble deeds. Please feel free to invite anyone you see to be a good fit for this event. Remember your business cards, great ideas and bail money.
For those unfamiliar with this event, and wondering what the beer pong photo and the rioting reference is all about, never mind. It is regular social gathering of people in or interested in the digital signage and digital out of home sector. It’s a totally informal networking session and usually runs around three hours until people realize Wednesday is a work day and they better head home. A great way to meet a lot nice, smart people quickly.
RSVP to Dmitry’s attention if you can, as it helps provide a sense of numbers to expect. Dmitry.Sokolov [at]
Six Steps Restaurant & Lounge
55 Colborne Street
T – 416.504.4800
F – 416.504.4880
A variation on the Toronto mixer goes in Las Vegas two weeks later. Unfortunately, we’re RSVP’d out, but a healthy number of the Toronto regulars got themselves on the list in time.  

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