Stratacache makes clever (and useful) move with iPhone app for user base

December 11, 2009 by Dave Haynes

I am at a bit of a disadvantage here because (oh, the horror) I don’t have an iPhone and I am not all that conversant in Stratacache‘s software. But, that stated, I am nonetheless thinking that developing an iPhone app for its ActiVia software is a pretty clever move.

Yes, if you have a wireless phone and a browser, and your platform is Web-based, you kinda sorta have an app anyway. But from what I know of many browser-based platforms – including one I had a demo on yesterday – they’d all be a pain in the butt to use on a small handset screen.
This is a special-purpose app that uses the iPhone UI and allows users to bang around and manage their network and players from pretty much anywhere. Apart from the pure utility of that, I also think it is a clever marketing move. There are fewer and fewer ways in which all the DS software guys can differentiate themselves and to my feeble knowledge, this is the first iPhone app of its kind (I awaiting the correcting and clarifying emails and comments).
That would be a very nice thing to pull out and demo in a sales meeting. 
Here is what Stratacache announced (curiously ignoring the “don’t do press on Friday” rule) 
Dayton, OH, December 11, 2009 — STRATACACHE, a leading provider of scalable, high-performance content delivery, network acceleration and digital media solutions, recently announced the development of an iPhone app for its award-winning digital signage software, ActiVia for Media.
ActiVia for Media is an advanced digital marketing and merchandising platform for highly distributed networked environments. ActiVia combines STRATACACHE’s patented content delivery platform with state-of-the-art content scheduling, management and reporting.
The ActiVia iPhone App allows mobile users to manage digital signage networks from the palm of their hand. With access to the ActiVia Constellation Manager admin console, the ActiVia iPhone App provides a system overview dashboard for the entire signage network, in addition to vital device management, monitoring, and media channel functionalities.
The ActiVia iPhone App is ideal for environments such as QSR, hospitality, and retail where a local user, who may not have ongoing access to a PC, can manage their signage network while performing duties on the go.
A ‘search’ functionality makes edge devices within a large network easy to find. The app provides several ways to organize the devices such as host name, IP address and location. With the ActiVia iPhone App, performing operations on specific devices or device groups is simple and convenient.
“The ActiVia iPhone App is another step in our development roadmap to lower the overall cost of operating a digital signage system,” says Louie Hollmeyer, STRATACACHE VP of Marketing. “Plus, it’s handy and cool.”
There is a video demo here on the Stratacache Website. 

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