Dave, thanks for the images, ironically

December 10, 2009 by Dave Haynes

Dave, thanks for the images, ironically all of the shots are of a rectangular configurations…

In the past few weeks there has been much buzz about this technology. Undoubtedly it has game-changing disruptive qualities.

One feature i’m not sold on in the ULTRA HD resolution. The numbers quoted are extreme. They often surpass IMAX footage.

In my experience, end-users demand very high resolution, without first considering the source or the application.

On the content-creation side, IMAX-caliber video editing software and skills are required to create content. Very limited creative studios are up for such work (I’m sure Arsenal would attest to that).

On the hardware side, dedicated high end servers (AKA expensive) are required to push through even portions of these Ultra HD resolutions comprising the overall configuration. Cost of the Tiles themselves compounds the budget issue.

And what’s showing on these 3M Pixel displays? Well, most often just 1080P footage!

Considerations above are not intended to take away from the technology. Once the tipping point of content, hardware and economies of scale is attained, LCD sales will crumble. The question is when will that happen.

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