Hi Jack A modestly segmented screen i

November 19, 2009 by Dave Haynes

Hi Jack

A modestly segmented screen in an area with dwell time is not an entirely terrible notion, but the more information that gets loaded on a screen, the compromises have to be made to fit it all in and the more the mind has to wrestle with what to look at.

Areas that do have that dwell are actually perfectly suited for full-screen presentations because there is time to cycle through all the key messages, including branding for the institution (in this case a college or faculty) and weather.

A screen that is running a ticker at nine feet up, in 18 point type, is ineffective. A screen running that ticker information full screen, in 144 point type, is impactful.

Just because it is technically possible to do something, like segment a screen, does not mean it’s a good idea.

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