EnQii bags nice deal with food services giant

November 17, 2009 by Dave Haynes


Nice win for EnQii announced today – but in the works for a while, from what I hear.

The DS software firm has announced a partnership with Compass Group, which does food service management support services and did about $9 billion (that was the illion with a B in front) in revenues. Compass is in the very good business of managing cafeterias and other food services for all kinds of companies and institutions, and because they change menus and offers a lot, site by site, digital signage is a very good thing to be accurate and efficient.

Reports an EnQii news release:

Compass Group locations that have already installed the new solution use a mix of various media content including menu boards, promotions, community messaging, news feeds, and other on-screen information and entertainment. This keeps the signage fresh, relevant, and informative for the consumer, and has led to an increase in customer satisfaction overall at those locations.

The company will be using some of the new site messaging capabilities released last week by EnQii. I had a demo recently and the new Engage platform is a very different animal from the legacy Remote Transfer system I used to sell when I was at what was then Digital View (now EnQii).

“With EnQii digital signage we are able to enhance the dining experience for our customers. Industry studies have shown an uplift of over 20% in sales as well as significant increases in customer satisfaction when digital signage is deployed well. We are already beginning to see the value generated in the sites where we have rolled out the solution and expect this to continue to increase as we expand digital signage across our estate” said Rob Watkins, chief information officer, Compass Group, North America.

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