The mood and the market: trade show registrations suggest retail rebounding

November 16, 2009 by Dave Haynes

I have been asked a few times what I think the mood is out in the marketplace, and whether I get a sense business is picking up.

Things are obviously a lot brighter than a year ago, when the market was tanking and I have the distinct memory of closing a decent sales deal and having a glass of single malt at 2 in the afternoon to quietly celebrate, and exhale. NOT something I do. Ever.

The mood at the DS Show last week was pretty upbeat, and most people I spoke with were talking earnestly about closing some nice deals. I think it is still desperately hard for entrepreneurs to raise money for DOOH ad networks, but it should be, given the track record of many of those networks.

I saw some major brands poking around the show, and I know some retailers are now looking hard at making the investment because the ROI models work and the body of evidence is compelling.

But that’s all soft impressions. Here’s something tangible:

The National Retail Federation’s show in January is tracking 11 per cent higher in retailer registrations than in 2008, and 47 per cent over last year’s  event. Overall registration is so far up eight per cent over last year.

That might not mean wallets are opening right up, but retailers presumably go to this show to look at innovation and at least thinking about what they need to get in budgets.

It was pretty quiet at the 2009 (only time I have been) and thought it was still a pretty good event to attend. 

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